Lucca and Fall Colors

Walk the walls, eat the food. Lucca is wonderful in fall

If fall isn’t the best time to come to Lucca, I don’t know what is. The trees planted along the walls are bursting with color.

We spent the night in Lucca after a tour of some artisan food producers in the Garfagnana with Wish Versilia, including lunch at the amazing Vecchio Mulino in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (Pictures available on Tuscany for Foodies). I figure it’s gotta be the best restaurant in the world without a stove of any kind. Wooden platters come out with all the local specialties: Cheeses, meats, fish, a bit of salad to cleanse the palate, and more. If you like lots of small tastes of traditional food and great wine, go there. I mean it.

At night we had enough room to finally try the guidebook champ of Lucca restaurants Buca di Saint’Antonio. Good food. It didn’t blow me away.

But you gotta admit, Lucca is beautiful. Just click that picture and tell me you’d rather be in your cubicle instead of walking along the wall that separates ancient Lucca from the industrial crap that might have invaded if it weren’t there! Go ahead, I dare ya.

lucca picture
Lucca and fall colors around the walls

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