Sant'Anna di Stazzema

After driving up the twisty mountain road to Sant’Anna Stazzema to visit the site of one of the most atrocious WWII massacres to happen on Italian soil, I was surprised to find that some folks hadn’t heard of the WWII events that happened there. I recorded the necessary information so that you can visit if you wish in our Sant Anna di Stazzema Map and Guide but I wanted to add a couple of things so folks know exactly what happened at Sant’Anna. The document shown above is one of the only English documents on display at the Historical Museum of the Resistance. It documents a visit by American troops after the massacre and their assessment of it.

Then there’s the video by survivor Enio Mancini recounting the sad day in front of the church, where around 150 citizens, mostly women and children, were slaughtered: Remembering S. Anna di Stazzema

stazzema document picture
Sant'Anna di Stazzema document

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