Snow and Slabs of Cinta Senese

Barga snow pictureAfter much rain in the Lunigiana, today was bright, brilliantly clear, and there was a dusting of snow on all the peaks, including over the town of Barga in the Garfagnana, as you see over there to the right. You may click it to see it bigger.

What were we doing in the Garfagnana? Well, a lunchtime visit to check out Aurelio Barattini’s restaurant Antica Locanda di Sesto for possible inclusion into our Tuscany for Foodies app started with a drive on the Autostrada. But after some pasta and a great Cinta Senese chop cooked over an olive wood fire, we felt elated enough to take off on the twisty way home to the Lunigiana through the Garfagnana, past the Devil’s bridge at Borgo a Mozzano and through some of the most beautiful country in Italy, now changing to fall colors. Bellisima! A fine day.

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