Matera and Crapiata

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Matera, Italy

Matera hasn’t changed a whole lot since I was last there many years ago to see its most spectacular festival, the Festa della Modonna Bruna which commemorates youth snatching power from their elders.

Hotels are hidden in the monochromatic landscape. In September, the crowds aren’t so visible, although the restaurant we chose to eat at was fully booked at lunch, Ristorante Nadì. It was so good we booked a table for dinner. And they have the provocatively titled “crapiata”, a soup of grains and beans like ceci, fave, and white beans, drizzled with some spectacular olive oil. I’m now a crapiata fan. I wish we could get “I heart Crapiata” bumper stickers.

Oddly, crapiata sounds similar to mesciua, the simple soup that originated around La Spezia when housewives would come to the docks and glean the fallen beans and grains when ships were unloaded. Crapiata though, is said to have originated with the ancient Romans.

In any case, September weather is perfect; you can eat lunch outside and you can still climb the sides of Matera’s “bowl” and not feel the effects of too much heat.

Y’all get over here, ya hear?

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