San Giuseppe Day in Italy

March 19, is San Giuseppe Day in Italy.

San Giuseppe celebrates Saint Joseph, who had a somewhat minor role in Christianity that everyone seems to forget about these days. As I understand San Giuseppe day, kids get toys, everyone gets zeppole.

Zeppole are fried fritters, with a texture much like what we used to call “french doughnuts” in my youth. Our Tuscan ones have amarene, or sour cherries on top, as you can see in the picture below. Kyle Phillips gives you a recipe and more on the Naples version of Zeppole.

This is the Tuscan, or Lunigiana version of Zeppole:


Martha and I went out for one yesterday in San Francisco. It set us back a whopping $4.75. It was not as good as the zeppole served at the pasticceria in Fivizzano on market day. (They are likely to be served other days, but to us, it’s a market day treat we try not to miss. )

The zeppole in Sicily are different looking than ours in the Lunigiana. Like most “Italian” food, even zeppole are pretty regional.

It is probably not a good idea to go out for zeppole early in the morning the day after Saint Patrick’s day in the US. You need to put on boots or walk very gingerly to avoid the left over piles of vomit on your quest.

San Giuseppe is easier on the stomach, as is anything Italian in general.

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