Prostitution in Italy Redux

If you look “down there” you might find, within the tangle of words, our recent post on prostitute crossings. It’s quite popular. It concerns some quite provocative street signs.

With the help of friends on our Facebook Page, and especially of Gloria Casina Di Rosa, author of the Tuscan Essential Blog At Home in Tuscany, I think I’ve come to the very bottom of the situation.

Turns out that those “prostitute crossing” signs are limited to a single village in the Veneto region called Mogliano. It is an industrial town, as I understand. Wikipedia says: It is also on the busy Udine-Venice railroad route and, like Mestre, serves as a dormitory town for people working in the surrounding industrial areas. Hmmm, perhaps that explains the demand, if not the supply.

In any case, the signs, depicting a large breasted woman with a handbag and high heels, not to mention billowing hair, are evidently the work of Mayor Giovanni Azzolini. They are there to prevent those rear-endings you get when you start gawking at prostitutes.

I am still of the opinion that idealizing the profile of a hot babe on a sign is hardly the way to keep people from gawking. Some journalists suggest that the problem is with the growing number of transvestite prostitutes, in which case the signs are not anatomically correct anyway, and would tend to cloud the issue even further as people squinted trying to make out the details, omitted or not.

Drudge says little. Well, there’s this

“I will not leave any citizen alone to combat this phenomenon, which has by now surpassed any level of tolerability,” said Mayor Giovanni Azzolini.

Yeah, so give ‘em a sign. Good work. Maybe it would be better to do what the Swiss are doing:

Swiss prostitutes are being trained to use defibrillators to prevent clients with heart problems from dying on them.

Yes, the young ‘uns can’t afford the good life on account of gigantic money drains like Goldman Sachs, so the leave it up to us old farts with bungled-up tickers to keep the street economy going.

Yes, I hope the defibrillator idea catches on. You never know.

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