Lunigiana Honey is Best

I was happy to hear recently that The best honey in Italy comes from Lunigiana. My neighbor makes some dynamite chestnut honey just outside my window. His hives look like, well, that’s them down below.

lunigiana hives producing chestnut honey
My Lunigiana neighbor's hives, from which Lunigiana DOP honey is made

The only DOP honey in all of Italy comes from the Lunigiana.

Italy is the only country in the world able to produce, thanks to its geographic position and its orography that determine particular climatic conditions, more than 30 different types of valuable honey. The only honey to have obtained the Dop label is the honey of the Lunigiana.

The two DOP types of honey, acacia honey and chestnut honey, are at opposite ends of the color and taste scales. Last spring I was able to taste for the first time the Lunigiana DOP acacia honey. It’s light in color and has a delicate vanilla and flowers taste. Italians, the seller told me, take spoons of it for their health. In earlier times it was used as a general sweetener.

Chestnut honey is dark, rich, and fuller flavored, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. I like it drizzled over my Greek style yogurt in the morning.

Head over to the Lunigiana for some honey. Stay for some castles and maybe a worker’s lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

Note: The Lunigiana produces great honey in part due to the lack of pollution. That is, there’s none of that icky, smoggy stuff and there’s very little of that other, unspoken pollution, the invasion of the corporate crap products like the Bayer CropScience AG’s insecticide Proteus that’s “killing France’s bees” according to Businessweek.

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