Volterra in a Different Light

volterra italy clock tower palazzo dei prioriSo, we took off for Volterra to take some photos of the main locations for the upcoming New Moon movie. Both the pictures you see in this post were behind what I was really shooting. Little did I know that as we trekked to the walls for a picture of San Francesco gate, that a storm cloud had moved in, the sunlight has slipped under it, and what emerged was a rather odd light. I turned I shot and what you see can be clicked for the bigger version.

volterra italy early morningFor the second picture, Martha had pulled off the road so we could get a long shot of Volterra. But the real shot was again behind me, as farmers were burning stubble and the sun was low in the sky and there was layer upon layer of light and dark. This is what you see when you look out your penthouse in Volterra in the morning. I think.

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