Bloody Mary Tomatoes

bloody mary tomatoesOk, here’s what to do with all those summer cherry tomatoes you don’t know what to do with (because you’ve used them for pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil too many times).

So you’re boiling some pasta water for your lunch pasta. Throw some of those cherry tomatoes in first. Get them out pronto and peel them. Put them in a bowl. Cover them with vodka into which you’ve drizzled just enough Tabasco to titillate your tongue. Let them sit a while—maybe until just before dinner. I’ve also added celery seeds, but they didn’t add much to the whole deal.

Then go to Hallstatt, Austria and pick up some of the pinkish looking salt they produce in the ancient mines there. You can visit the mines, but you might not get home for dinner.

(Every once in a while they find someone from hundreds or thousands of years ago burried in the salt, preserved. Don’t let this deter you. The color pink is from minerals. Tell yourself that convincingly.)

Before serving, I popped my marinating tomatoes in the freezer. It was a hot evening. I thought the vodka would help antifreeze them. But no. That’s why we had to serve them with metal toothpicks (really corn-on-the-cob holders, so non-Italian, eh?).

Anyway, you grab a tomato, pop it in the salt, and eat. Couldn’t be simpler. Icy cold, refreshing, safely sterilized by alcohol, and yummy. And no, no headache afterwards, even when you (OK, I) drink the, um, “juice”.

And, oh, I used orange tomatoes because they go with the color scheme of the site.

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