Happy San Lorenzo Day

Watch stars on August 10

Another feast day I’ll miss. Dang, these are the best of times in Italy, when your neighbors gather to eat and drink—and you make wishes upon shooting stars as they fill the skies. (If they don’t appear, there will most likely be fireworks.)

San Lorenzo Day is celebrated on the tenth of August. Today. According to arttrav:

Traditionally, on August 10th there is a night of falling stars – really a meteor shower – that is interpreted as San Lorenzo’s tears. This year (2009) the astronomic phenomenon is lasting between August 8th and 12th; this last day it is predicted to be at its height at 10pm towards the north-east. Apparently the moon being in the fourth quarter is making the show somewhat less spectacular.

In addition to good foods and good wines to go with them (see the arttrav link for more of that), you’ll be able to head over for evening listening to bird and insect sounds under the star-studded skies to some of Italy’s protected wildlife areas. We particularly enjoyed Oasi LIPU Massaciuccoli near Torre del Lago Puccini.

More on San Lorenzo Day: la notte di san lorenzo: make a wish!

Happy San Lorenzo Day, wherever you are.

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