Slow Food, Fast Cars

This one fluttered through the twitterverse this morning and I thought I’d share:

Driving & Dining in Northern Italy
Vintage Cars & Artisanal Food
Mid-May 2010 (dates announced in Sept 09)

Why do I lust after such a journey? Well, the food, of course, but it’s really the Alfa Romeo Duetto combo that has my blood racing. I had a 1969. Fast and light—the antithesis of the fat, lumbering beasts in favor today—it went like stink. Give it enough curves to eat and its little 1600cc engine would outrun most anything on the road, the whole car weighing, as it did, less than 2000 pounds. Most “small” cars of today weigh twice that.

So, if you like vintage cars and great food, you might want to check this tour out. If it costs too much and you’re in Florence, you might like a day at the wheel of the original Fiat Cinquecento on a Fiat 500 Club tour.

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