Modica - What's Cooking in Sicily?

One little link in WhyGo Italy’s Cooking Schools in Italy made me nostalgic for Sicily, mainly for the valley in the south east called the Val di Noto, Sicily’s Baroque Valley.

Towns like Modica seem cut from the rock they’re built on, a uniform dull earth color, stark against the sky. Like a good chocolate truffle, the insides of the important buildings are an explosion of fancy called southern Baroque. Speaking of chocolate, you’ll find lots of good chocolate in Modica. There’s even a museum of it: Museo del Cioccolato di Modica which documents the history of chocolate dating back to pre-Columbian times, and features chocolate sculptures!

modica chocolate store
The Famed Chocolate of Modica in Sicily

You will also find the cooking school called Love Sicily. Good lord how I yearn for the Carnival Timbale they used to make. It’s got pork sauce. I needn’t say more. That recipe seems to have gone by the wayside. But you can find recipes for inspector Montalbano’s favorite foods, which include Timballo di Ziti

Yes, go to Sicily if you want to twirl your fork into delectables like Pasta con le Sarde or snack upon Supplì, especially Montalbano’s favorite, Arancini al Ragù.

I gotta go before I drool on the keyboard. Here’s Modica, in all it’s glory:

modica view
Modica view showing the cathedral

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