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Coca-Cola is not ‘‘buying’‘ Venice, its city council said Monday, reacting to polemics over a planned million-dollar partnership between the drinks giant and the lagoon city. ~ Coca-Cola not ‘buying’ Venice

No, but Coca Cola corporation has paid over 2 million dollars to scatter 60 vending machines across Venice. It’s not surprised that some very sane and culturally sensitive people are worried.

Usually, I’d be outraged. But hey, lots of folks go to foreign countries to drink Coke and eat Big Macs. I have no idea why, but there ya go. It’s the free market.

What get me is that a company can make lotsa money in a bad economy while ponying up a couple million just to put their idiotic machines all over a city.

I’ve been scrawling some numbers on a piece of scrap paper. You see, in America, when gas gets over 2 or 3 bucks a gallon, the population has a fit. Every vein in every citizen’s forehead pops out like ooze from a pop tart. Governments are called upon to stop the oil companies from gouging us and rendering our Hum Vees useless.

What I don’t get is that a gallon of gas in my part of California costs about $2.39 today. Considering that about 17% or more of gasoline prices are federal and state taxes, that makes a gallon of gas cost about $2 before taxes. (Take out taxes and gasoline in Europe is similarly priced.)

Today in the store Coca Cola was selling for $1.99 a liter. That’s about $3.75 a gallon. For flavored water and High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Nobody is busting a vein for that incredible price. Imagine a company that makes so much money on the crap they sell that they can offer a cool 2 million to a historic city to allow them to sell it. Venice. There goes the neighborhood.

It’s not like Coke needs to be pumped from way underground in a far off country, then refined, shipped, buried in the ground then pumped into a car. You don’t have to spend untold billions in a war over the remaining last bits of its sugary goodness. You just suck up some municipal tap water and sugar (and acid) it down. How hard is that?

Yeah, I know, it’s the free market. But when are we gonna get together and bash some heads over the conspiracy to make our Venetian glass big gulp cups cost too much to fill? We do it with other fuels, ya know.

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