Lampredotto - Stomaching A Tuscan Favorite

lampredottoI’ve had my first, melt-in-the-mouth lampredotto at the BotteGaia restaurant in Pisa. Wow. I reviewed La BotteGaia but I wanted to continue a discussion of the cow’s stomachs as food.

Cow gut lunch? Well, yeah. Now the lesson. You see, there is trippa, tripe, which is high in the digestive track and has its characteristic honeycomb structure to slow everything down and add surface area, presumably. Lampredotto is way down there, as we say, the cow’s fourth stomach, according to this interesting article from the Florentine Foodie

Ok, so you’re gonna say, “Yuck!” when I mention eating these primary and good-to-eat foods. But you think they waste these things in the US? You ever heard of hot dogs? You know what goes in one of those, besides the allowed percentage of rodent hair I mean?

Anyway, I’m a convert to the church of lampredotto after trying it stewed in tomato sauce at the BotteGaia. Evidently it’s not the most popular presentation of cow stomach. If you go to the big market in Florence, Nerbone, you can have it made into a sandwich, which is pretty much the norm, as I see it, in Firenze. The result, as reported by the Florentine Foodie is the same as my experience: “silky, tender, juicy, and flavorful, it quite nearly melted in my mouth.”

Vivifirenze has a list of their favorite places to get lampredotto in Florence but I’m not going to Florence for just a cow gut sandwich, even with green sauce. But, when I see lampredotto on a menu in the Lunigiana, I’m going for it.

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