Garbage in Italy

Garbage is a problem all over the world. It’s quite hard to escape making garbage. Every time I buy some small item I need for the computer or digital camera, say a memory card, and even though I buy it mail order, it comes swathed in an absolutely enormous armored shield of heavy-grade plastic you need a chainsaw to rip through. Why is that?

But here’s the real question, which region of Italy produces the most refuse?

Ok, you can’t guess, can you? It’s Tuscany. According to “ Refusing To Go Away, Tuscany produces a staggering “704 kg per person per year” of crap that needs to get thrown away. At 2.2 kg per pound, thats…wait a minute…oh hell, I need more memory in my computer. It’s more than Rush Limbaugh and his cigar humidor combined, that’s all you need to know.

And that’s a lot of garbage.

(And don’t you Americani go away from this lookin’ all smug. Each of us produced on average 763 kg of solid waste in 2006, according to the figures from the EPA and equalized to kgs by yours truly on the back of an envelope.)

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