Classic Florence - Fiat Cinquecento - Sophie Drives Us

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Fiat Cinquecento 1965, florence italy
I’m always looking for new ways to tell tourists how to “experience” Italy. Sure, you can traipse around from museum to museum looking for the art you’ve read about in a schoolbook somewhere, stopping every once in a while for a gelato while hoping it didn’t start life as a chemical slurry in a factory in Brooklyn. But that’s just what tourists do…

Instead, we took a ride in a freshly restored Fiat Cinquecento, the car Italians see as the classic Italian vehicle. Shoot, it almost brings tears to their eyes when they see these things. A true “people’s car,” this thing can be parked anywhere, at least by the Italian “rules” of parking.

We went through town with Sophie, the owner of the innovative Touring Club 500, giving us the insider look at the city. Then we zipped out of town to where the better-off-the-you-and-I experience Florence, a Tuscan dreamscape of narrow, walled streets with the occasional block of houses set right against them and those mysterious, gated villas, their winding graveled drives lined with cypress and the balconies shaded by Umbrella pines.

You wanna see the real Tuscany? Hey, maybe you should get behind the wheel of a Fiat Cinquecento and let Sophie guide you.

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