Booting David Out of Florence

Is Michelangelo's David On The Move?

Tuscany’s cultural chief Paolo Cocchi had a rather bizare idea. Why not move Michelangelo’s David to the burbs? He reasoned it would take the tourist congestion away from the center of Florence.

Let’s see, you move the Duomo and the Baptistry out, and maybe some of the better-known gelato joints and you have tourist heaven. Even I’d go to witness the decongestion.

But back to Dave:

“Keeping him in a museum where hundreds of tourists have to line a 45-cm wide pavement doesn’t seem the best place for him”.

Yeah. Maybe you put him on a lesser moon of Saturn where there’s plenty of room for tourists. No oxygen, but hey, they’re just tourists, they don’t know how to eat, they probably don’t breathe right either. The suggested venue isn’t far off from my fantasy, either.

Where does Cocchi want to put David? “The future location of the Maggio Fiorentino festival theatre,” that’s where.

Yeah, right. A place that’s not even built yet. And David with his weak ankles.

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