Sallustio Bandini and the Pavement Fixer

siena italy worker The Piazza dei Salimbeni is right along Siena’s beaten tourist track. There is a statue of Sallustio Bandini, which you see over there to the left, smack in the center of it. He was born in Siena on the 19th of April in 1677, and was the founder of the Library of Siena, the Biblioteca Comunale.

What I like about this picture is that the worker’s orange pants contrast with the rather grim, subdued colors of the building and the monument, and the worker’s informal (to say the least) pose contrasts greatly with the stately and authoritative pose of signor Bandini. The great Bandini seems to be encouraging the pavement fixer to take pride in his work. Or perhaps to get up from there before he whacks off something important for procreation.

One of the great things about having time to travel is capturing these moments. At least it is for me. They probably won’t return any time soon, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t wear hot orange pants. Travel now, travel often, travel slow.

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