Shinesty Briefs: A Review

Cradle your boys in ball hammock comfort on your travels!

Men’s underwear used to be simple. It was white. It had a single tag in the inside back, which gave you a clue as to which way to put the underwear on so that the flap was in front so you could avoid embarrassment at the urinal.

Your mother insisted they be clean. The white gleamed. This was in case you got in a gnarly car accident. At the time, nurses would evidently ignore you and your crumpled body if, upon cutting you out of your pants with a leftover scalpel, they discovered soiled underwear. You’d sit in your skivvies for a very long time in the emergency room unattended if this were to happen, even if your life hung in the balance. Shame on you.

But don’t worry. Today, underwear has broken out of this troublesome tyranny. There are tags all over the colorful waistbands of your fine print boxer shorts. Your “boys” have hammocks in which to rest their bubbly selves, or a “testical trap” if the boys turn out to feel a bit of claustrophobia.

Without this hammock, and the wild animals printed upon it, you might not know which was was the front, which is no longer important because there is no flap to pee out of.

But let’s get to the point. You’re looking for a travel underwear review. That means the pair should be light, above all—and dry quickly.

How light are shinesty ball hammock briefs?

shinesty ball hammock boxers
Light Travel Underwear: Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs, 3 ounces

Three ounces isn’t bad for “pouch” underwear. The key is likely to be the materials, which are silky to the touch—and synthetic. This would scare me. They’re also made in China.

How fast do these underwear dry?

They’ll dry quite quickly if you use the technique we used in the video below, wrapping them in a towel and stomping on the whole deal. How fast depends upon the heat and humidity, but overnight inside was no problem for us.

According to the lit:

This sweaty ball cure is 95% MicroModal and 5% Spandex, you’ll feel like your balls are being cradled by a cloud.

And, quite amazingly, it did feel like I’d imagine being held aloft in a cloud would feel like. Not that it’s all so romantic to say that your nether parts are cradled by a MicroModal cloud, but it does at least sound high-tech.

Bottom line: I found them quite comfortable. Of course, the pouch effect is quite attenuated when you stuff yourself into jeans, for example. I wore them to a press dinner. It went well.

Still, really, I miss that flap like I miss quiet restaurants. You gotta live with it I guess.

Shinesty Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs, the movie

Here’s a video review of the briefs.

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