Paradise Found! Discovering Nature in Puglia

Without chemicals, the past is allowed to push its way through

Yesterday evening we took a walk with the host of our Masseria, Pietro, who wanted to show us the land surrounding his tourist apartments, the Posta Santa Croce near Bisceglie. We sauntered along an overgrown path, smelling the mint we were crushing underfoot, as the sun slowly set.

“We just cleared the path 2 weeks ago!” Pietro exclaimed while marveling at the new green shoots sprouting all around us.

We finally made it to the little stream and soon came upon a surprise field of Crocus amongst the shoots of wild asparagus.

puglia crocus picture
A nice patch of Crocus

“Oh! This is amazing! My grandfather used to tell me about the crocus growing here. But when we bought the place there were none. The last owner used lots of chemicals. We stopped. Now four years later, the land has been restored.”

The path led us to what the southerners (in the Salento) would call a Pagghiare, but here is called a trullo.

trullo picture
Drystone structure in Puglia, pagliara or trullo, and prickly pear cactus, Fica d'India

Happily we looped around and saw a milling wheel, never finished, still attached to the rock, wild flowers all around us (in October!) and then we came upon one last miracle we’d see before the sun tucked behind the hills.

The cherry trees. Blooming again. In October.

So, what’s in your paradise? If it is to spend a week or so in a fine apartment in the midst of a raucous and animated nature, then the Posta Santa Croce might inhabit your dreams.

We finish with Wandering Italy Blog’s 1000th photo:

flower picture
Flowers and Fica d'India

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