Rome Weather and Climate Charts

Historic Monthly Temperatures and Precipitation for Planning a Trip to Rome, Italy

You see quite a hump in the summer temperatures in Rome. It's no wonder Romans leave the Eternal City in July and August.

Even if the high temperatures don't scare you, let me remind you that with all the asphalt and big stone buildings retaining the sun's heat, hot nights spent in a hotel room that's not air conditioned can feel many degrees hotter than the outside temperature. In July and August, high humidity makes the heat even more unbearable to those sensitive to it.

Rome Temperatures

Rome, Italy, Historic Rainfall

Current Weather in Rome

Autumn Weather

Without fail, Romans recommend that the best time to travel to Rome is from mid-September to October. Yes, it might rain, but the temperatures turn out to be quite nice, even if it is getting a tiny bit chilly at night. Almost no one recommends November, but I've had very good luck the last few years with weather in the first half of November.

Notice that the most rainfall occurs in the late fall and early winter in Rome.

Spring Weather

May has almost the same temperatures as October, and April, while you're likely to feel chilly at night, is almost as good. March weather is really changeable, becoming more stable in April.

Spring and fall are the best times for visiting Rome.

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Rome Taxis

Rome is notorious for unlicensed taxis that'll really take you for a ride. Find out how much a cab ride should cost, and the best ways to avoid unpleasantness: Rome Taxis.

Rome Trains

Rome's Main station is called Termini. There is a smaller station called Tiburtina. Lazio is full of things to see, many easily done as a day trip from Rome on the train. See Italy by Train to check train times or purchase point to point tickets for smaller journeys. A rail pass is only worthwhile if your trips are long.

Rome Neighborhoods

If you're unfamiliar with Rome, you may wish to look at an annotated map showing Rome neighborhoods with recommendations one where to stay, what to eat and the local attractions: Rome Map and Guide.

Looking for a quiet sleep in the midst of some interesting attractions that most folks miss? Try the Aventine Hill. Then try rubbing elbows with the real Roman working class in the Testaccio district just to the south of the Aventine. Also quiet and "undiscovered" is Monteverde, the western part of the center of Rome, with great food (and good values in dining) as well as a villa with secret garden, Rome's largest park, catacombs and more: Monteverde Map and Guide.

And you might want to explore the north of Rome: Flaminio Guide.

Getting to Rome

Rome has two airports. The largest is Fiumicino, but Ciampino handles a lot of traffic from inside Europe. The Aeroporti di Roma site gives information on both.

See a Fiumicino Airport Map.

For budget airlines that serve Italy, see: Italy Low Cost Airlines

To get to and from Civitavecchia from Fiumicino, see: Civitavecchia to Rome Transportation

To get from Fiumicino into Rome, see Rome Airport to Central Rome Transportation

Fiumicino Airport Hotels (FCO)

Ciampino Airport Hotels (CIA)

Where to Stay in Rome

Hotels in Rome are Expensive. Our favorite places to stay are the Daphne Inn, for its helpful staff and good location, and the Hotel Residenza in Farnese [read a review] for its quiet location near the Camp di Fiori.

Prefer inexpensive? Try some Rome Hostels.

Friends back from Rome highly recommend the cheaper Hotel Licrico. Another hotel we like near Termini Station is the Des Artistes.

Another alternative that really appeals to us, is to rent a villa or apartment in Rome. See Select Italy's List for more. It's not as expensive as you might think, and villas don't have to have hundreds of rooms, either. Also see: Rome Hotels - RomeBy.Com

Tickets and Attractions

You can get tickets to all attractions when you arrive in Rome, of course. Many people like to have them in advance, thus avoiding long lines, especially in the summer and fall season. Select Italy is a reputable company that sells tickets to many museums and events in Italy. Here are some links for Rome:

Rome Museum Tickets

Vatican Tickets

Rome Walking Tours

One of the most popular things to do in Rome is to enjoy a trip to the Vatican Museums. There are several ways to avoid the ticket lines. See: Rome Vatican Museum Tickets.

Guides to Rome

We highly recommend Eddie's Fun Tours. You'll want to take one at the very beginning of your trip to Rome. They'll show you the ropes as well as the major attractions.

Interesting Online Maps of Rome

See a Fiumicino Airport Map.

Rome Open Air Markets Map

Rome Appian Way Map - Walk the interesting Appian Way

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