Oristano Weather and Climate Charts

Historic Monthly Temperatures and Precipitation Charts for Oristano, Sardinia

Oristano is the capital of the Oristano province in the west central area of the island of Sardinia. It's known for its medieval Carnevale festival called Sartiglia.

Oristano, Italy Temperatures: Fahrenheit Oristano Historic Rainfall


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Oristano: Best Time to Visit

As you can see from the historic temperature charts, the warm weather builds gradually, then jumps in June. But overall, summer temperatures are moderate, compared to the south of Sardinia. May through October is ideal for those who like warmer climes, but March and April aren't too bad for those who like cooler temperatures.

Sartiglia, with events on the last Sunday and the Tuesday of Carnival, comes at a time of cool temperatures with a small possibility of precipitation.

Oristano Travel Tips

Oristano is a city located on the river Tirso. It has a train station in Piazza Ungheria.

The unique archaeological museum called the Antiquarium Arborense is found in Palazzo Parpaglia in the Piazza Corrias

Oristano is served by the Oristano-Fenosu Airport, located about 3 km east of Oristano. The airport hosts flights from Rome and Milan.

The Phoenician-Roman Port ruins of Tharros are near Oristano. The complex was abandoned in about 1000 ad, and fronts on the Mediterranean Sea. It's quite a spectacular archaeological site.

Also nearby is the little San Salvatore de Cabras, a town that's been the setting for many spaghetti westerns. See: Where in Italy did they film Spaghetti Westerns?

Between Alghero and Oristano is Bosa, a fascinating town known for its lobsters and Bosa Filet Lace.

The top festival in Oristano is Sartiglia, a carnevale celebration of horsemanship and contest between the guilds. See our Sa Sartiglia Video to get a feel for this fantastic festival.

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