Lecce Weather and Climate

Historic Monthly Temperatures and Precipitation Charts for Lecce, Italy

Lecce is one of the most popular cities in Puglia, nicknamed "the Florence of the south" for its ornate Baroque architecture.

The rural areas around Lecce are awash in flowers in April and May. In fall the wine harvest begins, followed by the olive harvest. Lecce is a very good city for eating local and well.

Plan your Lecce vacation using the historic temperature and precipitation charts below.

Lecce, Italy Temperatures: Fahrenheit Historic Rainfall for Lecce, Italy

Lecce: Best Time to Visit

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Lecce's southern location and proximity to the sea moderates temperatures throughout the year, although it can get quite hot in July and August. Still, summer is when the patron saint of Lecce is celebrated; La festa dei Santi Patroni di Lecce takes place from the 24th to the 26th of August.

We love to go in April, when the wildflowers bloom in profusion, extending into May. Lecce is quite dry, so the chance of a soaking rain after March and before October is low.

September is many traveler's preferred vacation time. The crowds have slimmed down a bit and the weather is still quite temperate. If you like it cooler, temperatures sink in October.

Evenings are quite pleasant during the season, which is why you'll eat dinner quite late in Lecce, compared to the rest of Italy.

Lecce Travel Planning Information

Rail Lines

Lecce is the southern end of the Ancona–Lecce line, and is also the terminus of two Ferrovie del Sud Est lines, the Martina Franca–Lecce railway and the Lecce–Otranto railway. See a rail map of Italy.

Lodging in and around Lecce

Arco Vecchio is a very popular hotel in the center of Lecce, and offers a very good value for the money. Also popular in the center is the Casa Dei Mercanti Town House featuring modern suites in a historic building.

The most popular province in Puglia for Vacation rentals is Lecce. See: Lecce Province Vacation Rentals for your dream rental.

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Our Puglia Maps and Travel Guide will give you an idea of some of our favorite haunts in the Puglia region. You can also consult our Puglia travel app, shown to the right.

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