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Video: Riding the Rails in Italy

If you're new to riding trains in Europe, this video may help you understand the Italian rail system. We'll show you the inside of a station, the departure board, and how to buy a simple ticket to ride (and how to validate it).

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Reading the Departure Board - Here's an interactive "map" of the departure board seen in the movie. How to read it and determine which trains are arriving and departing.

Italy Train Map - Find the major routes trains take in Italy.

See our Torino to Trieste Rail Map to zoom into one of Italy's mose compelling train routes for tourists.

Italy by Train - How and when to buy point-to-point rail tickets and when you might need a rail pass.

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Sony video camera used for italian travel videos

The Video Equipment

The video camera used on these Italian travel videos is a Sony HDR-TG1 Hi-Def Handicam that slips into a pocket and has decent 5 channel audio. See my Sony Handycam HDR-TG1 Camcorder Review on Europe Travel.

I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 for editing, as it natively edits the AVCHD video format. The recently released Adobe Premiere Elements 7 does AVCHD as well, but was released too late for me to try on this trip. The Adobe software should be easier to use.

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James Martin's Italy Travel Videos - Italian food and culture via real moving pictures. Riding trains in Italy is inexpensive and enjoyable. Here's how to ride the rails in Italy.

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