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Musica Romagnola - The traditional folk music of the Romagna territory, a theatrical love story played out in a small hotel in Igea Marina on the Adriatic coast.

The Fishers of Giovinazzo - You want a relaxing morning? Try hanging out along the Lungomare, watching the fisherman and their boats before strolling to the piazza for your morning coffee.

Pizzica Salentina - Video showing the frenetic music and dance that is part of the Tarantella tradition as played by the ethnomusic group Alla Bua in a Masseria near Lecce on the Selento peninsula of Puglia.

Sardinia Basket Making - Flussio Art shows us how baskets are made from the Asphodel plant in this video.

Bosa Filet Lace - Giovanna Ledda shows us how it's done. She's 92, and her hands are fast and sure, her eyes still perfect.

In Their Own Words: Bella Baita - Marla and Fabrizio introduce their Alpine retreat, which features cooking classes, mountain biking and more in the Val Chisone of Piemonte.

Luminaria di Santa Croce di Lucca - A religious procession held in Lucca along candle lit streets in the walled city on September 13th is a challenge to capture on video, but we've managed to come up with a few minutes of the preparation and the procession.

Lucca in a Morning is a video depicting what you can (and should) see in a morning, or on a short day trip, ending with a very fine meal in the walled city.

Museo Ettore Guatelli is an extrordinary collection of everyday objects used by the people in the Taro River valley, from toys to homemade machinery like lathes to make wooden cups and bowls. The video shows some of these in action, and it's probably some of the most extrordinarily clever machinery you've ever seen in operation.

Disfida di Fivizzano is a medieval archery competition between contrade of Fivizzano in the Lunigiana region of Tuscany, held in July. The video gives you a taste of the parade, the pomp, the flag throwing and the archery competition.

Pinuccio Sciola: A Visit with the man who makes rocks sing Join me in discovering this Sardinian's passion for finding life, soul and musical notes squeezed out of rocks.

Cagliari's Fish Market - Mercato San Benedetto is one of my favorite markets, and here's what you see and how to get there.

Making simple Pasta all'Amatriciana in my kitchen in the Lunigiana: Deviant Pasta all'Amatriciana. You should try it in your vacation rental!

How to Ride Italian Trains - A whirlwind tour of Italy's train system, from buying tickets to validating them.

Ordering Fish in an Italian Restaurant - Gosh, it's got the head!

Learning Italy in Under a Minute: Shopping for ready-to-eat food in Brugnato's open air market.

High Above Cremona - Yes, climb the Duomo bell tower and get over 100 meters above Cremona.

Infiorata del Corpus Domini - Brugnato. See the residents of Brugnato make carpets of flower art to be trampled by the faithful during the celebration of Corpus Domini.

Lunigiana Chorus - Il Coro Lunigiana in Rehearsal. My neighbor wanted me to see their chorus perform, so we wound our way through the moonlit night to a former monastery where magic happened. 30 guys, what a sound!

Manduria - Inside the Archaeological Museum of Manduria. See artist Francesco Selvaggi explain some ancient artifacts recently excavated from a tomb in Manduria and gawk at fabulous ceramics that predate the Roman occupation in Puglia.

Masseria Li Mennuli - Find out what this vacation rental property in the salento region of Puglia is like.

Avetrana - Festival of San Biagio Video - San Biagio is the patron saint of Avetrana, a small town in Puglia near Manduria.

Inside the Shop of Dante-Quoting Butcher Dario Cecchini - Certainly you've heard of Dario and his famous bucher shop in Panzano in Chianti? There's a festa going on, a book signing of an extraordinary Tuscan cookbook.

Driving the Italian Autostrada - As a tourist, you have fewer options than Italians do for paying on Italy's toll roads. On this video, you'll see how to get a ticket to ride, and how to pay for that ticket.

Tuscany Olive Harvest - In late October you start seeing the folks of Italy's Lunigiana region start harvesting olives. In this video you'll see the relatively modern way of harvesting olives in Tuscany.

High Above Rapallo - You can get out in the countryside over the Gulf of Tigullio in the Italian Riviera above Rapallo, even without a car. Take the aerial tramway virtual tour with our video and see.

Pisa - The Quick Way to the Leaning Tower from the Train Station - A video about how to skip the attractions of Pisa in favor of the architectural failure of the Leaning Tower.

Eating Amongst Tuscany's Locavores - My neighbors in the Lunigiana produce an amazing amount of the food they eat. Here I create a meal out of real local foods.

It's All in the Hands - Documentation of the goings on at a 4th of July party in the Lunigiana with my neighbors.

Logitech Travel Mouse Review Video - Travel writing isn't the great package you might think it is.

Cannons and Corn - Making Polenta in the Lunigiana - Everybody does it, despite the noise.

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