Buying Vatican Museum Tickets

Visit one of Rome's premier attractions--and don't stand in line

A tour of the vast Vatican Museums is one of the top attractions in Rome. Depending upon your level of risk aversion, there are three ways to procure tickets to the Vatican Museums. The easiest is to deal with an American company with reliable customer service. We like Select Italy. Ordering your ticket in advance through a company like Select Italy is slightly more expensive than the other options. The advantages are that you are dealing with native English speakers, you can reserve a place during your travel planning at the date you require, and you won't have to stand in the long lines to buy a ticket (you may have to stand in a shorter one that spaces out the tours).

Select Italy offers a few different ways to see the museums. Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is included on them all.

  • Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums ticket: This ticket allows you to skip the long lines and independently visit the Vatican Museums and the magnificent Sistine Chapel.
  • Guided Tour of the Vatican Gardens: The 2-hour Vatican-guided group tour allows you to discover the natural beauty of the extensive formal gardens that surround Vatican City. After the guided tour your ticket gives you the opportunity to independently visit the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums.

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Vatican Museums Online Ticket Office

You can also make reservations through the Online Ticket Office of the Vatican Museums.

Vatican Museum Private Guide Services

A private guide for your Rome adventure can be a costly deal, but there are several advantages to hiring a private guide for your family vacation. For example, a small minivan is allowed to travel on the little streets that run through the heart of ancient Rome, where big tourist buses are forbidden, so a small, private tour with a guide can get you to more of the smaller places. Remember, a private guide will take you exactly where you want to go--you can skip the stuff you're not interested in.

Our recommended guide service for Rome and especially the Vatican is Miles and Miles.

If you want to get a taste of cultural Rome, we recommend Eddy's Fun - Tours of Rome. Book on one of your first days in Rome and you'll learn the ropes quickly.

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