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Want to get the best prices on a Vacation to Italy? We have some resources, including a price comparison engine, recommended car rental/lease company, and hotel booking agents. Travel as cheaply as you can. I do.


For a trip to Italy (or anywhere in Europe) you'll need to think of transportation. There's the age old "train vs. car" comparisons that'll drive you nuts if you let it. I'll just give you my preferences and let you decide.

Obviously you'll have more access to Italian countryside if you choose to rent or lease a car. On the other hand, Italy's trains are surprisingly affordable and go to quite a few rural destinations, although they might not arrive at an hour convenient to you. If you have more than two people in your group, a car will usually turn out to be much cheaper.

Renting or Leasing?

You know about renting or hiring a car, but you may not have heard of leasing. A French buyback lease gives the foreign tourist a brand new car (a French car, Italy doesn't have such a program yet) for about the same price as renting. You get full insurance, too. This is the way I always travel on my longer trips; you'll have to go for at least three weeks to make it worthwhile.

I use Auto Europe for both short term rentals and leasing. They'll match prices on rentals, and they stand behind their rentals better than some other companies. There's always someone to call who speaks English if you get in trouble. Find out more about Leasing a Car on Your Vacation.

Auto Europe Specials - Find out the special deals on cars as well as vacations and air specials.

Rental rip-offs on door dings and things are becoming more frequent, that's why I recommend Long Term Visitors Lease, don't Rent a Car. I always lease a car.


Trains in Italy are fairly inexpensive, comparatively speaking. I don't usually buy tickets when I'm in the US; I just buy them when I'm in Italy as I need them. Of course, if your vacation is short, you might like them in your hands so you don't have to fool with it. I hear ya.

I love train travel. Our Italy by Train page will help you plan an Italian vacation by train.


See our Airfare Special Deals page.


It used to be you just went out the front of the train station and picked a hotel that looked nice. Now it's easy to book online, which means you have to book online, especially if you want a particular type of hotel or level of comfort. My favorite booking agents are Venere and Both offer user reviews, which is quite comforting in my mind. Venere is an Italian company, and runs a very nice site.

Venere Italian Hotels | Italian Hotels

European Vacation Packages

We've partnered with BookingWiz to bring you special deal on European holidays. They find travel deals from many suppliers, offering vacations, rental cars, and airline price comparisons. The travel deals are on top. Below is the price comparison box, where you can compare prices of hotels, airfares and rental cars.

Travel specials and deals You're always looking for them for your Italian Vacation, aren't you?

Italy is our passion, from our home in the Apennines to the archaeological and cultural richness found in the center of Sardinia.

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