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Italy Rail Map and Ticket Information

Riding the Italian Rails is Inexpensive and Gratifying

Why not watch the fabulous Italian countryside zip by from a seat on the train? Even when I am in Italy with a car, I use the train to get to any large city where parking is likely to be a problem and I need to be dropped off in the historic center (centro storico)

Italian Rail Map

The red lines indicate both fast and slow train lines, the orange lines indicate sections of track only for slower trains (or fast trains throttled back to slower speeds).

Remember that faster lines are being built all the time, so the routes can change. The map should give you an idea of the major tourist centers accessible by rail.

italy train map

Types of Italian Trains

Eurostar (ES or Treni Eurostar Italia, not the London to Paris Eurostar) Italy's fastest and most expensive trains. Seat reservations on Eurostar Italia are mandatory. Eurostar travels swiftly between major Italian cities.

Intercity and Intercity Plus Trains stop only at the major cities, as shown on the map. Seat reservations are compulsory on the Intercity Plus trains, and the fee is included in the ticket price.

Regional Trains - Regionale are the slower, local trains. A ticket you buy will be good for the whole month, which makes them a very flexible and inexpensive way to travel, but requires that you validate your ticket in one of the green and white (or ancient yellow) validation stampers near the tracks. On the crowded routes at peak times you might want to consider first class tickets, which will add only about 30% to the fare and give you a much better chance to get a seat if the train is overcrowded.

Italo is a privately owned railroad built to compete with the state run trains. You'll need to be able to print out an e-ticket to get access to the trains; you can also use Rail Europe's ticketing services while you're still at home: . Rail passes are not valid on Italo trains.

Point to Point Train Tickets in Italy

You can, of course, just line up at a ticket window at any Italian train station and buy tickets just like everyone else. There are also ticket machines when the lines are long. But some people like to have their "big" tickets for faster trains or longer journeys in hand while in the United States. This will usually cost you more than just buying them at a train station, but if you find it convenient, check times and costs of European train travel in the box below. You can also order rail passes and some attraction tickets from this booking box from our partner Rail Europe.

The booking widget above will point out the need for a reservation and advise you accordingly.

Another way to buy point-to-point rail tickets is through the US company Select Italy, an agent of Trenitalia: Italian Train Tickets.

More on Italy Trains

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