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Here is the view south from the small village of Terenzano. It shows the start of the Alpi Apuane, the marble mountains of Massa and Cararra. The village of Luscignano is shown in the foreground.

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Below is a map showing the lay of the land, with the mountains you see in the background of the picture shown to the south of Terenzano marked on the map.

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Lunigiana Map and Travel Info

There is a listed B&B with this view (we've seen it but haven't been inside: fllli Martini.

Or, just stay at the Agriturismo Spino Fiorito and eat like a king for almost nothing. It's just down the road.

Lunigiana Paper Map

Lunigiana Map from TrekTools, available online.

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The Lunigiana is a very interesting part of northern Tuscany, and includes the marble mountains above Massa and Carrara.

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