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The map below shows the port area of Livorno, Italy on the east coast Italy near Pisa in Tuscany. Livorno, once called Ligorno, which English speakers turned into Leghorn, is a popular Cruise ship docking and ferry port. Nota Bene: If your cruise company tells you that you are docking in "Florence" rest assured that you are not getting within an hour of that city. You will dock in Livorno; the river Arno (and its low bridges) could not possibly hold a modern cruise ship. Maybe not even one of its lifeboats.

The map below will help you if you are planning to tour the Mediterranean islands served by ferries out of the Port of Livorno. We've recently taken a ferry to Corsica, using the information charted on the map below.

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If you take the bus number one from the train station to the port, you'll end up near the clear blue marker toward the bottom of the map. The bus then turns left and goes away from the tourist part of the port. You can take the number one bus and get off at the Piazza Grande and transfer to the number 5 bus to go right to the entrance to the ferry terminal, marked on the map. Many Cruise Ship shuttle buses leave from Piazza Grande as well. Check with your cruise ship company. Currently a bus ticket costs 1.20 Euros, and can be purchased at the tabacchi inside the station. Here is the bus line information.

The walking route is marked in blue on the map, starting at the famous quattro Mori, or four Moors statue. You'll walk on the port side of the large road, then find an opening on the left of the road where the walking route makes a sharp hairpin turn toward the gate for cars going to the Corsica/Sardinia ferries. The gatekeeper is helpful and friendly, so ask him where you need to go. He'll even call a cab for you if you need one to the train station on your return trip. The train station is at the opposite end of town from the Port.

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When you reach the port there are a couple of things to see: the famous Quattro Mori statue, the oldest statue in Livorno, which represents the victory of the Medici over the pirates in the Mediterranean. A little further on as you walk toward the ferry dock you'll see the old, crumbling castle called the Fortezza Vecchio, which was heavily bombed during the second world war.

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Livorno is a is a major port in Italy, and a popular ferry port for island destinations like Corsica, Palermo, Capraia and Sardinia.

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