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Visit the old city on the glimmering sea - a Puglia favorite

Gallipoli is a very interesting town on the Ionian sea. The evocative old town is a limestone island linked by an old bridge to the mainland of Italy (and the less appealing industrial section of Gallipoli). The Greeks called it Kallipolis, "beautiful city" and it is. Its maze of streets zigs and zags between numerous churches and hidden alleys like Corte Gallo (see the location on the map) have become like ethnographic museums with all the decorations placed there by nearby residents.

This is my favorite place to eat seafood in Italy, and has a thriving fish market just as you come into the old town, marked on the map. If you like to cook fish, rent an apartment here and pig out.

The map below shows Gallipoli, located on the west coast of the "heel" of Italy's "boot." Once a fishing village, it still derives some income from fishing, but has become a prime tourist destination in Puglia, for folks that want a more laid-back vacation experience than they can find in Tuscany.

It's probably best not to go in August, when Puglia gets noisily involved with folks letting loose. Off season is best, spring in Puglia can be amazingly colorful. The average high temperature in May is 67 degrees F, the low 55 degrees.

Map of Gallipoli

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Where to stay in Gallipoli

Palazzo Flora is in a great location in the old town and gets great reviews for the views and for the size of the rooms. All rooms are air conditioned and free wi-fi is available.

Residence Massilor is a highly rated vacation apartment complex with elevator and bar for guests.

Gallipoli is a great place to rent a home or apartment; HomeAway lists over 100 Vacation Rentals in Gallipoli.

More about Gallipoli

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Gallipoli Paper Maps

Several paper maps are availble on the web if you like to have one in your pocket.

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Pictures of Gallipoli

Gallipoli Windows
You can eat very close to the sea in Gallipoli
And the fish at the market are very, very fresh
The red shrimp of Gallipoli are a specialty, eaten raw with a squeeze of lemon.
Boats in the harbor
The old city and new.