Fivizzano Map and Travel Guide

Explore the charm of a small town in rural Lunigiana

Fivizzano is located in northern Tuscany, in the region called "la Lunigiana", a less touristed part of rural Tuscany in the Appenine mountains north of Pisa.

Our Fivizzano map shows Fivizzano attractions like the Medici fountain and the Museum of Printing (Museo della Stampa). You might have to zoom in to the map using the controls on the left to see the markers.

Fivizzano has recently been named capitale della Festa dei Piccoli Comuni, or the Capital of Festivals of the Small Communities of Italy after the very fine and well attended Sapori held in June.

Map of Fivizzano

Mouse over the icons on the map to see what they represent. Note that Google has misplaced the Printing museum, it is marked correctly by the northernmost icon.

Travel Tips

Fivizzano is a pleasant walled city with a famous Medici fountain in its main Piazza. The town is linked to early printing presses, and houses a printing museum, the Museo della Stampa in a large palazzo that makes a very interesting visit. The museum is marked on the map.

Market day in Fivizzano is Tuesday; the morning offers an open air market spread around the Medici fountain in the center of town. See a video showing how to shop in the market.

Bassano del Grappa HotelsRecommended Places to Stay in Fivizzano

Ostello degli Agostiniani - the Augustinian hostel is inexpensive and a historical place as well. It's central to the village of Fivizzano.

Here are some other user-rated places to stay in Fivizzano.

Bassano del Grappa AttractionsTop Fivizzano Spas and Sights

Museo della Stampa - Jacopo da Fivizzano started printing books between 1470 and 1474, and the history of printing is told in this palazzo. Not only that, but fellow citizen Agostino Fantoni created the first type-writing machine and began to study carbon paper here. It makes a very interesting visit for a mere €5, you'll even get to see the living spaces in the villa. For a taste of this museum, see our blog post: Mussolini's Typewriter.

Medici Fountain - the baroque fountain was dontated by Cosimo de Medici III in 1683, a detail view of which is shown below.

medici fountain in Fivizzano

Fivizzano Festivals and Videos

The two large festivals in Fivizzano are Sapori, a festival celebrating the local foods held in June, and the Disfida, an ancient archery competition between the contrade of Fivizzano. Each of these offer performances by local folk groups as well as music, drumming and dancing.

Disfida di Fivizzano video | Sapori Video

Fivizzano Then and Now

Here is an engraving that shows the city when it was fully walled. I don't know the date of the engraving. Below it is a picture of the modern city, which doesn't differ as much as you might think..

fivizzano italy engraving

The modern city:

Fivizzano picture

La Lunigiana

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