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Filetto, once a square castle thought to be of Byzantine origins, is now a compelling medieval borgo in northern Tuscany's Lunigiana region. It is particularly well preserved, and if you're in the area, Filetto makes a fine little place you can walk through to get the feel of a place unsullied by the modern ugliness you can't do without, like McDonalds and Safeway.

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Filetto is small; it can be seen in half an hour. Nevertheless, it's a fine place to visit on your rounds of the Lunigiana--and just outside the village there is a fine restaurant, Risorante Pizzeria Il Pozzo, housed in a building that dates from 1766.

Filetto places to stay Place to stay in Filetto

Locanda il Biancospino B&B - Good location in the largest piazza of Filetto. Best if there is a festa or sagra. No web site, but call 187 28515

Piazza Immacolata 13 - Borgo di Filetto (MS)
Villafranca in Lunigiana, Italy

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Ristorante Pizzaria Il Pozzo is housed in a 1766 building. You can come for an inexpensive worker's lunch or a full meal (or pizza at night). There's a tented area in the back for dining in good weather. Closed Wednesday and Thursday night. Pizza only in the evening.

I Sapori del Borgo is a shop where you can buy the local foods and wine. You can get bread and cheese or specialty preserved meats like the unique Lunigiana mortadella to take on a picnic to the park just down the road to the north.

"I love going to Il Tempo Ritrovato, which is tucked away in the alleys in the small medieval town of Filetto," says Ciao Lunigiana.

Imagine a tiny town with so many restaurant choices!

Filetto Events

chestnut roasting festival filetto

The largest festival in Filetto is the Mercato Medievale di Filetto, the medival market festival. It's held around ferragosto, the 15th of August which is a holiday for Italians.

The festival of patron saint San Genesio is held on 25 August, where you'll eat the specialty boiled pork shoulder

The picture shows chestnuts being roasted in the main square, Piazza Immacolata, during the chestnut festival held in October (October in the Lunigiana is prime time for sagre celebrating chestnuts, a mainstay of the diet in the Lunigiana in the middle ages and once again during WWII when the Lunigiana was occupied by Germans who were opposed by a fierce resistance of the Lunigianese.

Filetto is a very interesting medieval borgo in the Lunigiana region of Tuscany. It's worth a half hour exploring when you're in northern Tuscany--and the restaurant on the map is highly recommended.

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