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Fosdinovo, Italy, Medieval Festival Pictures - 2007

Fosdinovo festival pictures © 2007 by James Martin, all rights reserved

Fosdinovo, Italy

Fosdinovo is a small but compelling hill town in the southern Lunigiana region of Tuscany. You might know Fosdinovo as the place where Eric Newby bought a house and settled after the war; the area was the setting for "Love and War in the Apennines."

The town's 14th century castle is privately owned, but you can visit for a few at certain times.

The Medieval Festival

We had the chance to go to the festival in July of 2007. If you love the ambiance of medieval hill towns you'll like it even better with all manner of medieval people hovering about. You'll also find some decent and innexpensive food, not entirely medieval in form.

Fosdinovo Castle

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