La Lunigiana

How to Plan a Trip to the Lunigiana, Northern Tuscany

The Lunigiana is the far northern tip of Tuscany, a rural and mountainous area, its landscape dominated by the upper (northern) section of Italy's backbone, the Appenines.

The Lunigiana isn't a hotbed of tourists nor is it a hotbed of tourist infrastructure. Yet there are over 160 castles to discover tucked into the landscape. Artisan food is readily available. You must taste Zeri Lamb in springtime.

In 5 or so steps you can plan a reasonable visit to the Lunigiana from resources compiled by expats who have a passion for introducing newcomers to the rural charm of the Lunigiana.

Lunigiana Travel Resources

lunigiana italy location map

Lunigiana Places to Stay

Dimora alla Cascata is an old tannery converted first into a mill, then restored in recent times as vacation lodging with three self catering apartments, the smallest of which is a studio apartment with a full kitchen. It's in the town of Verrucola, a very evocative castle town, certainly one of the prettiest in Italy. See our review and pictures: Lunigiana Love Nest.

B&B Byron Lunigiana

Spino Fiorito - Our Favorite Worker's Lunch is served here, 11 Euros!

Agriturismo Il Bardellino - Very good wine is made here.

Hotels and Agritourismi Near: Villafranca in Lunigiana | Fivizzano


Our current favorite restaurant is Ristorante Venelia.

Lunigiana Current Weather

Aulla Average Rainfall

Aulla, in the center of the Lunigiana and an important market town, exhibits a typical Mediterranean climate, with wet, cool winters and dry summers. The best times to go are May through August, although we have enjoyed October and the first half of November as well. The second half of November seems to bring on the worst of the cold and rain. It can snow in December and January.

Historic Rainfall for Aulla, La Lunigiana

Aulla Temperature Averages

The temperatures in Aulla rise somewhat slowly in the spring and fall off quickly after September, as you can see from the historic average temperature chart below.

Average Temperatures Aulla, Lunigiana

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Headlines from the Lunigiana

Ciao Lunigiana

Lunigiana’s biggest flower event – Bancarelfiore 2014


Malgrate Castle Opening Hours 2014


A Path To Lunch

Walking A Tuscan Forest - Ortonovo to Castelpoggio

The Extracomunitari: Ligurian Pesto and Pizza Margherita

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Osteria Gloria - The Pleasure of a Business Lunch

Living Ligurian History: The Croxetti Stamp

Cinque Terre, Lerici, Portovenere Boat / Ferry Schedules - Fall / Autumn

Carrara and John Singer Sargent

A Ligurian Photo Album

Carrara's Osteria Vittorio. The Tordelli Education

Sarzana Shopping / Suburban Edition

Italian Resort Hospitality

An Italian-American Wedding, 1913.

Cinque Terre, Lerici, Portovenere Boat / Ferry Schedules - Summer

Palmaria - Guardian of Portovenere

A Summer Place in Tuscany - 1508.

A Charming Lunch in Charming Sarzana

The People of Italy - Versilia

Torre del Lago / Philosophy with a Bite

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